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 "An iniciative based in an environmental friendly concept (...)" In Jornal "Público" 

"It's the only factory in the country to produce (...)" In Site "Viagem Pela Ciência"

" (...) Moinho reuses old clothes and textile industry remnants (...)" In online "Boas Notícias"

"It's a differnt concept, ecofriendly (...)" In online "Diário das Beiras"

"Paper made with electric wires (...)" In "Jornal de Negócios"

"Paper made from worn out jeans (...)" In "Pen Info" 



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100% recycled cotton paper · 100% environment friend

Since 1993, MOINHO has been producing textile paper made of 100% cotton, in its factory in the north of Portugal.

Ours is the only paper mill in Europe producing recycled textile paper, both sheet by sheet and in continuous roll. Using the latest machinery, MOINHO has reinvented a method as old as time and turned it into a craft; this method allows us to manufacture large amounts of paper while still maintaining all the characteristics of a handmade paper: grain, texture and, above all, durability.

In keeping with its main concern of contributing to a more sustainable environment, MOINHO manufactures all its paper using as sole raw material 100% cotton rag and; it also recycles all the water used in the production cycle and this water comes from our bore well. 



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31 Jan - 3 February, 2015
     Paperworld, Frankfurt
20 - 26 October, 2014
7º Encontro Int. de Ilustr. S.J.M.
25 August, 2014
     RTP - Verão Total (6:40)
2 - 6 February, 2014
Spring Fair, Birmingham


25 - 28 January, 2014

Paperworld, Frankfurt


12 - 14 January, 2014
Top Drawer, Lodon

1 - 4 September, 2013

Autumn Fair, Birmingham


26 - 29 January, 2013

Paperworld, Frankfurt





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